Designer. Developer. Idea Brewer.

Research: Every project should begin with a healthy amount of research and idea brewing. If you don't understand your market, your product is likely to fail despite how visually striking or well-built it is. Even after a project is launched, user focus groups and behavior analytics will take products that extra mile.

Design: From low-fidelity wireframes and mockups to hi-fidelity designs and style guides, I put my pride in being pixel-perfect. Where form and function meet is where I love to be. I have worked as a layout specialist for a monthly national publication, created motion graphics and video editing for political campaign TV advertisements, as well as developing many user experiences and interfaces for websites and Progressive Web Apps.

Development: The web has evolved far and beyond tables built with image slices that I started with many brews ago. I love learning new tech and looking back at how far we've come. My favorite part of web development is taking static designs and bringing them to life with CSS and Javascript. I'm also a massive fan of Vue.js - thank you Evan You.

My Brewing Technology:

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About Justin Krout

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With over 15 years of experience in multimedia design, from UI/UX paired with core frontend programming languages to motion graphics, design is more than just a job – it is my passion and lifelong hobby. I have completely redesigned entire company websites, increased user efficiency, and created a personal website with over 2 million unique users.

I put top-shelf, methodical effort into every project to ensure that my work and services are full-bodied; creating a filtered, satisfying, and flavorful idea. More than just a visual decorator or pixel pusher; I’m a 100%, pure-craft, idea brewer.

Last call is upon us, and all I request is one happy hour of your day.