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As a prominent provider of educational learning spaces, Meteor Education is committed to integrating best practices that promote inquiry-based instruction, maximize the utilization of modern classrooms, and elevate student achievement. The Insights platform has a vast customer base of 5,868 and plays a crucial role in enabling schools to efficiently streamline their project management processes and ensure accurate documentation of project-related information.

Key Objective

The primary goal was to develop a responsive Progressive Web App (PWA) that functions as a robust project management tool for schools, providing them with the means to optimize their project workflows and maintain precise documentation of project-related details. This encompassed the seamless tracking of quotes, orders, and drawings for each project undertaken. Additionally, the platform incorporated role-based user access, enabling schools to manage inventory at a per-school, per-classroom level.


The project presented a challenge in designing an intuitive and visually captivating interface that aligned with the stakeholders' expectations while remaining faithful to the end-user experience. The primary obstacle stemmed from the constantly shifting scope, as the stakeholders lacked a clear vision of the desired product. This necessitated adaptability and proactive communication to navigate through evolving requirements and ensure the final solution met both stakeholder expectations and user needs.


Building upon the foundation of my previous work in refreshing the Meteor Education brand, extensive efforts were dedicated to conducting user focus groups, researching competitor platforms, and iteratively refining low-fidelity mockups using Figma. Close collaboration with stakeholders ensured that project objectives were well-aligned, setting the stage for meaningful progress.

In terms of technical implementation, the internal development team had already decided on utilizing Vue.js and Nuxt.js for frontend development, leveraging their SEO optimization capabilities, support for progressive web app (PWA) requirements, fast page loading speeds, and efficient routing. The backend architecture was structured using Laravel and MySQL. With a team comprising four developers, a project manager, and a business analyst, we employed Jira as our Agile project management platform, seamlessly integrated with our Bitbucket repository for efficient collaboration as we worked in 2-week sprints over the course of a year and a half.

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